Mission Statement

  • Pittman Charter School’s mission is to prepare life-long learners for the 21st century by providing a comprehensive education.  In addition to a curriculum of language arts, mathematics, and social studies, we include technology and the arts, inquiry-based hands-on science, and offer an option in Spanish Dual-Immersion.  In a safe and inclusive environment, Pittman staff strives to develop creative and critical thinkers in strong partnership with our families and community. 

Vision Statement

  • Pittman Charter community prepares students to become academically successful, inquisitive life-long learners who continue to develop their individual and civic responsibilities toward global citizenship.

About Us

  • What is it all about?

    Changing to a charter allows us to be more flexible in how we teach children and how we help children achieve academic success. We have developed a rigorous learning program that includes:

    • High academic focus
    • Science integration
    • All teachers working together
    • Dual Immersion Academy: Students learning in two languages - Spanish and English

    So what does this mean for parents and students?

    • Higher expectations for all students: all students will meet and exceed state standards
    • Uniforms will be enforced
    • Discipline will be strictly maintained
    • More Parent Involvement: Read to and with your child, every day, Attend 4 study sessions per year, Attend Parent-Teacher conferences, Help your child with homework