100 Mile Club

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    The 100 Mile Club presents students with a straightforward challenge: run, jog, or walk 100 miles over the course of the school year. Students log miles during designated running times.

    The program is highly adaptable to the resources and needs of our school and may be implemented in many different contexts throughout the school day.  Students may accumulate mileage during PE, during school hours, at lunch and recess, and before or after school hours.

    Making the program unique are life lessons in goal-setting, determination, and team spirit delivered alongside exercise. Rather than compete against each other, students at participating schools are members of the 100 Mile Club “team”, where every student has the opportunity to be successful. Whether they run, jog, or walk towards their goal, the 100 Mile Club inspires students of all abilities – athletic, non-athletic, learning disabled, handicapped - to be active in an accepting, positive environment.


  • Advisor

    • Name: Ms. Martinez

    Participating Teacher

    • Name: Mrs. Ospina (1st grade)
    • Name: Ms. Coyner (3rd grade)
    • Name: Ms. Lee (4th grade)
    • Name: Mrs. Solorio (5th Grade)
    • Name: Mr. Garcia (5th grade)
    • More to come...