Van Buren’s Mission, Vision, and Goals

  • "Our Mission is to create a safe environment that is academically creative, challenging, and prepares students for the future."

    Our Vision Statement:  "We are committed to provide our students with a safe environment where they will receive equitable learning experiences and become lifelong learners who are college, career and life ready."  

    Goal #1 - Student Achievement:  Closing Achievement Gaps

    Professional Learning Communities

    • Weekly Meetings/Professional Development
    • Collaboration
    • Driven by Data (Data Team)

    Academic Programs

    • Align resources and curriculum to the needs of students.
    • Choose meaningful standards to focus on throughout the year. (Are these standards significant for the next grade level?)
    • English Language Development daily

    Goal #2 - School Climate - Ensure a Safe, Healthy, and Welcoming Environment

    Van Buren’s Process

    • Caught Being Good Incentives
    • Reward Systems (KWC, Attendance, Spirit Days)
    • Academic Recognition
    • PBIS

    Goal #3 - Creating Meaningful Partnerships

    • Family Nights
    • Academic Conferences
    • Parent Coffee Hour
    • Parent Workshops
    • Volunteer
    • SSC
    • ELAC

School Pledge

  • As a Van Buren Panther, I promise to be responsible for my actions, do my personal best in my schoolwork, show caring toward others, use appropriate language, and be flexible when things don’t go my way. I will try to use all the Life Skills and  Go Green! Go Green!