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  • Mr. B


    Peter Barosso - 1st grade



     Hello everyone! 

    Welcome to my teacher page and thanks for taking the time to check it out! 

    Teaching is hard work! Being a teacher is a lot like being a parent. Both take lots of time to develop a child's intellectual mind. My philosophy is that everything we do as parents/teachers is an example to our kids. Therefore we must keep this in mind and focus on who we want our kids to be when they as they grow up. I once had a boss in a previous career that said "Do as I say, not as I do" and I find that that attitude is prevalent in our social-media driven society today. We know that kids are watching us so it should do "DO AS I DO". When we walk, the kids walk. When we run, the kids run. When we want to teach our kids to wash the dishes we wash the dishes with them until we can step back and see them doing it. Teaching is A LOT like this.

    First grade focuses on reading, writing, speaking, collaborating, organizing thoughts, learning strategies for reading and math, and the most important thing is...MEMORY! WE MUST DEVELOP KIDS" MEMORIES so that they are able to learn new things and remember them. Humans learn strategies for remembering. Do your kids ever come up to you and say "Remember that time we went to______" or "Remember that time I did______" Of course they do! When they do WE MUST TAKE THE TIME TO RECOGNIZE their memories and make them feel proud that they love life enough to remember the important things.

    If there is a magic fuel that kids NEED its LOVE AND ATTENTION. These are the things that kids need to get them to work hard, do the right thing, build trust, and develop in a social and emotional environment. I understand this and provide lots of both in our world. Kids do whats called "Reaching out". This is when they show you their work, or tell you something that happened to them, or raise their hand in class. Reaching out requires trust and we need to ALWAYS take the time to acknowledge kids when they reach out. Think of "reaching out" as a kid that has his or her arms stretched out for a hug, if no one is there to hug them they are going to stop reaching out.

    So please love the children their future depends on it!

    Thank-you for taking the time to read this and I hope it helps us build trust in the parent-teacher-child partnership we are about the embark on.

    Take care, 

    Mr. B.