About the Teacher

  • Hello, my name is Mr. Casimrio. This is my 13th year of teaching. I know these are difficult times for us but we are in this together. We will be using google meet for our class meetings and we will be using google classroom to turn in all work. My homework policy is, homework needs to be turned in on time but if you turn in something late you will still receive some credit.  I'll say that again, you can always turn in work late, but you will lose points for it being late. You will always be given enough time to complete homework. Please do remember to open the lines of communication if you are having any difficulties. I find myself to be pretty flexible and understanding. I know I have met some of you in passing last year and some of you I haven't met yet.  I look forward to seeing your faces during our class meetings. Please do remember to ask questions when you have them. Do not be afraid to contact me via email or by phone. 


    (209) 565-1568 (please no calls later than 8 P.M.)


    Class Expectations:

    My class expectations are pretty much the same as Mrs. Rishwains

    • Be on time. 
    • Be prepared.
    • Show your face during online classes.
    • Be prepared to be called on.
    • Do your homework and turn in on time.
    • Ask questions if you are confused. 


                          School Begins August 3rd

                           7th/8th Grade Period Schedule









    Teacher Office Hour/Small Group/Student Work Time











    Note:  First and sixth periods are longer in order to meet the required instructional minutes for ELD.

              The long break in the middle of the day may also be used by the students to get their school lunches from the distribution sites on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


    Sign In to Your Chromebook

    1. Type in your student ID
    2. Click Next
    3. Type in your password
      1. K-3 it is your birthdate in the form of YEARMONTHDATE (YYYYMMDD)
      2. 4th-8th: student-created password (please call the school if you have forgotten your password


    Google Class Code:

    Watch this video to join and learn about your Google Class. Mire este video para unirse y aprender sobre su clase de Google. (Click Here)

    Period 1 - Math class code daytxkd

    Period 2 - Science this will be the same link as period 1, class code rqudsm7

    Period 4 - Math class code oo6b44v

    Period 5 - Science this will be the same link as period 4, class code aspjaim

    Period 6 - AVID class code czpnzso



    Student Survey: 8th Grade students, please click here to take a student survey before the first day of school. You must be logged in with your Google Account. 


    First day letter 

    Mr. Casimiro



    Everyone is responsible for the Chromebook they are issued, here is a copy of the disclosure you signed in order to utilize this Chromebook. 


    FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Does my child have homework daily?

    A: Yes, If your child was not given anything for homework he/she can always hit more repetitions on their Cornell notes.


    Q: What are Cornell notes?

    A: Cornell notes are a particular structure of note taking that allow students to study better and to retain more information (video link)


    Q: What are repetitions to Cornell notes?

    A: Here is a complete list of all the Cornell note repetitions