Kohl Education Foundation (KEF) Mission

  • When parents talk about why they enroll their children at Kohl School, there are many reasons. The hands-on learning experiences that Kohl children receive, the arts programs (like Class Acts), and the strong Kohl community are just a few of Kohl’s strengths. Kohl children get to participate in field trips and programs that other schools have had to discontinue. Kohl children are guided by their teachers to be active participants in their own education. Kohl children are able to take their experiences at Kohl and apply them to their lives. What our children are getting at Kohl is more than can be measured by tests, it is measured in the responsible youth that they are becoming.

    In an effort to support our teachers, staff, and students, the Kohl Education Foundation (KEF) was established in 1998 by the parents of Kohl School. We are a non-profit community organization and it is our principal goal to provide funding and support to assist the faculty and staff in developing activities and programs that will enhance the school programs at Kohl Open School.

    As a parent at Kohl Open School, YOU ARE A MEMBER!!!

    As members, we participate in the educational development of your child, along with the Kohl faculty and establish a stronger relationship between you, the staff and the children at Kohl Open School.

    As members, we take an active role in the various committees of the Kohl Education Foundation.

    As members, we participate in the various fundraising activities put on by the KEF. 

    As members, we help identify and set the goals of the foundation and have direct input in the direction of the foundation.

    As members, we actively participate in the election of the KEF Board of Directors. (The KEF is governed by a 9 member Board of Directors, and elected by the KEF membership at an annual meeting held during the fall of each school year.  The Directors are parents of students enrolled at Kohl and serve for a period of 3 years.)

     KOHL is a GREAT school. Help us keep it that way! GET INVOLVED!!!