Mission Statement

  • Kohl's Mission

    For 40+ years the mission of Kohl Open School is to provide alternative education to the students of Stockton Unified School District.  We want our students to become complex thinkers; collaborative workers; flexible participants; self-directed, life-long learners; quality producers; and effective communicators.

    What Does Kohl Do?

    Students at Kohl begin in Kindergarten and continue through 8th grade constructing interdisciplinary projects combining art, language arts, drama, and music.  As a basis for interdisciplinary studies, Kohl sends all of its students off-site to have, first hand, a variety of experiences.

    Kohl children have off-site experiences at pumpkin patches; performances at Delta, UOP, the Gallo Center, the Crest Theater; the Tech Museum; the Crocker Art Museum; Yosemite Institute; the Marin Headlands; Science Camp; Lawrence Hall of Science; Valley Days at Micke Grove; Black Chasm Caves; Indian Grinding Rock; Mokelumne Fish Hatchery; and the Haggin Museum to name a few.

    Kohl expects students to understand the joy of learning.  Celebrations of effort abound at the school and run from cast parties to the annual end of the year Soirée at which the Kohl Education Foundation awards two, or more, college scholarships to high school seniors who attended Kohl. 

    Older students are expected to mentor younger students and there are many opportunities to learn the skills of teaching and communication.  Pacific Law Academy provides tutors for Kohl students and the Kohl eighth grade students take Algebra on the P. L. A. campus. A meaningful relationship exists with Walton Special Center.  Gates exist between the two schools and at recesses students from both schools intermingle and play together.  Fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth-grade students from Kohl are participating in a program called Circle of Friends in which they go to Walton Special Center to help in classes and work with special friends.