About the Teacher

  • Robert Gregory


  • Welcome to 5th grade at Commodore Stockton Skills!  I am happy to share with you our 5th grade curriculum and extracurricular activities, and other events that we are proud to provide our students, parents, and staff.  There are four 5th grade teachers here to provide you with the best education and experience possible.  We are passionate and caring and want the best for your child!

    5th grade is a memorable year for most students and here at Commodore we try to make it the most memorable of them all.  Here are some of the events, opportunities, and activities that take place throughout the year. 

    >We have the opportunity to go to Science Camp, which every student seems to enjoy and remember forever.

    >The largest Fall Carnival in the district.

    >After-school clubs (art, gaming, etc.).

    >Our music department, directed by Mr. Olson, builds the best band ensembles in the district.  His concerts throughout the year provide students and parents with wonderful music experiences.