Commodore Celebrations

  • Part of our vision at Commodore is to motivate students to reach their fullest potential.  One of the ways in which we motive students is by recognizing them for reaching milestones and being positive role models for other students.

PLUS Character Traits of the Month

  • Peer Leaders Uniting Students (PLUS) is a youth facilitated program that utilizes social leadership qualities to connect all students on campus.  A diverse cross-section of student leaders facilitates a series of activities that create communication, connections, care and community amongst a student body.  Utilizing best practice strategies, the PLUS Team student leaders serve as the liaison between the student body and the adults on campus.  Click here to learn more about the PLUS program in Stockton Unified. 

    Each month has been assigned a character trait.

    January - Responsibility

    February - Kindness

    March - Self-Control or Effort

    April - Trustworthiness

    May - Fairness

    Student being recognized for their amazing character receive a sign to post in their yard to let the world know that a student with character lives at their house!   Teachers submit the names of students in their class who have demonstrated each characted trait is being listed below starting in January 2021! If your child has been recognized, be sure to come by the school office to pick up your student's sign!

March's Students with Character

  • TK:

    • Franco Juardo
    • Reagan Doyle


    • Giana Alejo
    • Roman Ibarra
    • Mila Esparza
    • Elena Banda
    • Julianna Morfin
    • Ryleigh Azevedo
    • Airah mae Cabanes
    • Geovanni Jaramillo Mosqueda
    • Julian Penaflor
    • Eliseo Fields

    1st Grade:

    • Paulina Soria-Marquez
    • Jacob Jayme
    • Annabelle Sosa
    • Brennan Alviad
    • Nadia Ellison
    • Chandler Collado
    • Rainsey Phaisongkham
    • Jaylah Martinez
    • Leonardo Lutje
    • Brianca Fultcher

    2nd Grade:

    • Fernando Martinez
    • Athena Herber
    • Abigail Navarrete
    • Isaiah Benitez
    • Daniel Harlow
    • Alyah Guerrero
    • Julian Romero
    • Lizbeth Estrada
    • Sierra Murray
    • David Adames

    3rd Grade:

    • Alaina Slaughter
    • Ayer Azevedo
    • Emiliano DeLao
    • Aaliyah Jauregui
    • Catalina Martin
    • Cristian Cardona-Ramirez
    • Aliyah Vega
    • Alinah Cabe
    • Noah Batye
    • Kathleen Villegas

    4th Grade: 

    • Aysa Boonsalat
    • Diego Montelongo
    • Robert Fisher
    • Maleah Ancheta
    • Elias Ayala 
    • Daniela Ramos Padilla
    • Natalia Franco
    • Aaron Martinez

    5th Grade:

    • Amaya Ancrile
    • Isabella Torrez
    • Owen Rabenal
    • Santino Rivera-Cardenas
    • Alexus Short
    • Tiana Johnson
    • Christopher Thomas
    • Izabella Robertson

    6th Grade:

    • Mirakle McMichens
    • Delilah Torres
    • Jonathyn Gutierrez
    • Giselle Quiroz
    • Antonio Canela
    • Atticus Krause
    • Santiago Moren
    • Adrianna Median

    7th Grade:

    • Jazmin Consuelo
    • Enalina Rangel
    • Alejandro Duenas
    • Jorge Jimenez

    8th Grade:

    • Jermaine Laveine-Wilson
    • Storm Riggs
    • Sergio Gonzalez
    • Georgia Terrones