• Dress CodeDress Code

  • Student Responsibilities:                                                                           

    • Learn the dress code policy                                                                                    
    • Comply with reasonable staff requests                                                                   
    • Be respectful                                                                                                    

    Parent Responsibilities:

    • Talk to your student about the purpose of a dress code
    • Discuss the consequences of violating the dress code
    • If requested, provide your child with a change of clothes

    Intervention Procedures:

    As a district, our interventions for dress code violations must be preventative and educational. In addition, any discipline that will arise from dress code violations shall have minimal loss of instructional time. Interventions will vary with violation severity and number of repeated offenses and can include:

    • Student/teacher conference
    • Parent conference/phone call home
    • Hand stamped (to indicate student has been addressed) & student asked to wear alternative or borrowed clothing
    • Warning letters
    • Counseling
    • Office referral and detention (after 3 violations)

    DRESS CODE Per the Stockton Unified School District Board Policy #5132 and California Education Code §35294.1, 

    The following clothing items or styles are not to be worn to school:

    • Baggy/Sagging trousers or holes in clothing showing undergarments (indecent)

    • Overalls that act as the straps of the shirt

    • Clothing with underwear showing

    • House slippers and pajamas, blankets

    • White muscle tank shirts, underwear shirts

    • Athletic spirit phrases with a double entente – teams are asked to get the Principal’s approval prior to making spirit shirts.

    • Wallet or waist chains, spiked jewelry

    • Back-less blouses or shirts (shirts that do not cover the back entirely)

    • Bare midriff (stomach may not be exposed)

    • Strapless/tube tops or shirts, off-shoulder or single-strap garments, excessively low-cut tops or shirts, see-through tops, halter-tops, tube tops or spaghetti straps (even with a jacket), spaghetti straps (straps must completely cover the undergarment) or thin wrap skirts

    • Short shorts/skirts with slits up to the thigh area

    • Micro miniskirts and shorts (shorter than mid-thigh) Head Coverings: Bandannas/beanies/earmuffs/wave caps (do-rags)/ headbands/baseball caps/ or any other type of head covering, unless it is worn for religious beliefs No Red / Blue Policy: All apparel that is red or blue of any shade is prohibited (i.e.; shoelaces, shoes, belts, shirts, shorts, pants, handkerchiefs, etc.)

    • Clothing with symbols that are known to be affiliated with illegal activities, including alcohol, tobacco, drugs (including mushrooms), death and violence is prohibited (i.e., Snowman, Scarface, Old English lettering, etc.)

    • Clothing or jewelry with the playboy symbol or the word “Hustler”

    • Garments displaying logos of racist groups or juvenile gangs, obscene language, vulgar gestures, racist, ethnic or sexual symbols or slurs or symbols of hate, prejudice, intolerance or discrimination or any clothing, jewelry, belts with the symbol of the Iron Cross

    • Apparel advertising alcohol, tobacco, drugs (including mushrooms), death and violence

    • Sport jerseys of any type

    • Gang-related apparel