• Distance Learning

    • Expectations:

      • Be On Time Everyday
      • Be Prepared
      • Participate
      • Be Respectful
      • Complete All Assigned Work


      Best Practices:

      Below you will find recommended practices for creating a successful learning environment at home during this period of Distance Learning.

      • Creating a schedule at home is very important! With designated times for various activities during the day, it becomes easier to complete all that needs to be done! Setting bed times, meal times, and homework times help teach your child time management and help them to settle into a daily routine during the school week. Don't forget to schedule time for play too!
      • Limiting distractions is another big one! In the comfort of our homes, we have many distractions.  These include noise and also all our fun toys.  To help minimize distractions, it helps to create a designated learning area in your home.  You can ensure less distractions from noise by turning off the TV and music. Also, be sure that if your child has siblings they know to leave each other alone during school time so that your child can focus on their learning.
      • Stay in contact with your teacher! You will be able to contact me through our class app "Seesaw Family." Please feel free to message me at anytime, however you may not receive a response if I am contacted outside of designated school hours. I will also have a number for you to call me directly which will be revealed at our first meeting!  I will sending important updates via the Seesaw Family app so please make sure to check daily!  Please join the app after I send you an invitation!!  

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      Tutorial Videos:


      Zoom Etiquette: 

      • Stay at your computer during Zoom Sessions unless asked to get up
      • Raise your hand to share
      • Make sure it is just the student and parent visible in the zoom to limit distractions
      • Stay in the zoom class until you have permission to leave
      • Stay focused and practice being a good listener
      • Make sure you are dressed for school
      • Be polite and respectful to your teacher and classmates



      • It is important to take care of your computer and devices so that we can continue to learn together!
        • Always carry the computer with 2 hands!
        • Don't place food and liquids near the device
        • Be gentle when typing, using the touchscreen, and using the mousepad
      • If you encounter any technological issues:
        • Chromebook Technical Support:
          • A copy of the Chromebook Troubleshooting guide is available on our website at www.stocktonusd.net/TechAccess. To report broken Chromebooks please call our Helpline at 209-933-7111, and select Option 7. Broken is defined as keyboard not working, screen not displaying properly, battery not holding a charge, power cord is defective, or Chromebook does not turn on.
          • If students experience any issues with their Google account, using the Chromebook (not a hardware issue), or accessing WiFi, please email the concern or issue to pdcsupport@stocktonusd.org. (If you are experiencing issues with connecting your Chromebook to the internet, please reboot your computer at least 2-3 times before reaching out to support.)
        • Hotspot Technical Support:
          If you are experiencing connectivity issues with your Hotspot, you can call the Sprint Helpline. You may be asked to provide information on the original hotspot box label like PIN code and the answer to the password. Sprint’s team is available every day, from 5 AM to 8 PM at 844-309-1680.

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