Mission Statement

  • Mission: Stockton High School will provide individualized standards-based education to a diverse student population.

      Vision: Our vision is to educate and graduate our students with the tools necessary to be productive members of society.  


    1.   All students will develop basic academic skills while pursuing their high school diploma                  

             - Learn to evaluate and understand graduation requirements. 

             - Interact with administration, counselors, teachers and staff to create a program that meets their individual academic needs. 

             - Demonstrate an understanding of course academic standards.

           2. All students will develop technological skills. 

            - Demonstrate computer competency through basic operation of computers.

             - Demonstrate awareness of the various technological tools to access information. 

             - Demonstrate ability to use various technological formats to communicate information. 

           3. All students will participate in developing and enchaning their life-readiness skills.

             - Assume responsibility for their academic success by demonstrating independentproblem solving skills as applies to course completion and/or

              graduation requirements.

            - Be given the opportunity to participate in community service, work study and or collegeand career readiness courses in APEX.