• Welcome to Stockton High School!

    Please know that we are here to facilitate your student's success.  To help us do that, please encourage communication with staff. 

    Students may email, text, and/or call their teacher, but they benefit most when speaking to us in person, on campus, while in attendance at school.  Please encourage in-class-attendance. 

    Thank you for choosing Stockton High!

    Let us all be patient and kind and proceed with intention.  

    Let's go, 2023-2024!!  

    Ms. Johnson


  • Forward with Intention!!


    Parent/Teacher Contact Request

    Zoom or Google Meet: 

    Monday - Friday

    10:55 am - 11:45 pm

    Parents, if you feel that

    an in-person meeting is

    needed, but logistics

    make it difficult, contact

    me to arrange a Zoom meeting! 

    I am here!