• Welcome to High School Success 

    Please know that I am here to facilitate your success.  To help me, please communicate with me.  You may email, text, and/or call me, but you benefit most when communicating with me in person, on campus while in attendance at school.

    Below is an outline of the course:

    High School Success COURSEWORK:

    HSS includes topics and concepts that will help you to be successful here at Stockton High, as well as to be-successful post-graduation. This course is designed to introduce students to the personal and academic skills needed for success in high school. The course incorporates study skills, analytical and objective writing skills, as well as goal planning and application in order to prepare students for opportunities in careers and higher learning.

    writing assignments

    • Title using course name

    • MLA formatting

    • Typed/shared via google docs

    • Pass originality report on plagiarism

    ·        Course Completion

    o   complete minimum of 4+ hours of coursework daily, 60 hours per course.

    If you have any questions and/or concerns, please reach out to me.  My information is listed on the left.  PLEASE DO COMMUNICATE your academic needs.  I am here to facilitate your success!

    Ms. Johnson

    *Final grade will be an average of your responses to assignments in the following sections:

    Getting to Know Yourself

    Required Reading

    Need to Know

    Demonstrate Your Knowledge


    and Money Matters

  • Students should have access to one of several Google Classrooms:  

    HIGH SCHOOL SUCCESS (most students new to Stockton High begin with this class)

                                 Classroom Motto:  FORWARD WITH INTENTION!  

                                                      Goal: GRADUATION!!    


Success is an Iceburg