New Student Information

  • New Student Information

    Stockton High is a district independent study program designed to support students who are behind in credits and at risk of not graduating from high school. Students will work in a classroom environment with an instructor present, but they will be expected to work independently. It is expected that students will behave in an appropriate manner that will support independent learning in the classroom. Disruptions will not be tolerated, and since enrollment is voluntary, students can be returned to their home school.


    It is important that students are on time and come every day. If a student does have an absence, it is important that they clear those absences with completed work turned into the teacher. You may turn in a note from your doctor, but it does not clear or excuse any absence.

    District Rules

    All district rules, including the use of electronics and dress codes, will be enforced. Please refer to the Student Conduct Code for specific information.

    Bus Passes

    Bus passes are available for those living three miles or more from the school site.  Students with more than 3 absences per semester will lose their bus pass privilege. For those who are not eligible for a free pass, one can be purchased from the school.


    Students will be provided with appropriate textbooks during the school day. Students will also have access to Chromebooks while at school.