I understand that:

    • Independent Study is an optional education alternative that I have voluntarily selected.
    • By entering Stockton High School, I have not waived any rights as a student, and I am entitled to all Stockton Unified District services and resources.
    • If I am a student with an Individual educational program (IEP), my IEP must specifically provide for my enrollment in Independent Study.
    • I have reviewed the Stockton Unified School District requirements for graduation.
    • I must follow all the discipline code and behavior guidelines of the Stockton Unified School District. Any violation of these guidelines or failure to meet school/district requirements could result in dismissal from Stockton High School.
    • If I achieve only minimum study requirements, I will complete the minimum equivalent of a one-semester course every three weeks or a minimum of 30 credits a semester.
    • If I choose to return to a classroom and opt to exit Independent Study, there will be no more than a few days delay until I am enrolled in a classroom setting.

     I agree to:

    • Be supervised by the designated Independent Study teacher and/or other approved resource personnel.
    • Meet regularly with the assigned staff member. I understand that failure to complete 30 units in a semester will result in an evaluation to determine if I should remain in Independent Study and may also result in one or more of the following:
    1. A letter of concern to me and my parent/guardian/caregiver if appropriate
    2. A specially scheduled appointment
    3. A special meeting with the teacher and/or counselor
    4. A meeting with the administrator, including my parent/guardian/caregiver if appropriate
    5. Placement on probation
    6. Increase in the amount of time I must be on campus or in an equivalent supervised situation
    7. Revocation of any work permit issued until my school work is satisfactory completed
    8. Termination of the agreement and my return to a regular classroom program of instruction or another appropriate alternative
    • Meet Weekly with the Work Experience coordinator if I am enrolled in work experience.
    • Obtain transportation to class and/or scheduled meetings. I understand that lack of transportation to the school site is not an acceptable reason for lack of attendance.
    • Complete my assigned work and achieve at least the minimum performance requirements of the course of study. I understand that credit, which is based on mastery of learning, can only be issued after I have successfully completed an activity and it has been evaluated. I realize that a minimum of 60 hours of work is needed for each unit of credit.



    I understand that the major objective of Independent Study is to provide a voluntary educational alternative for my child. I agree to the above conditions listed under Student. I also understand that:

    • Individual course objectives are consistent with and evaluated in the same manner that they would be if she/he were enrolled in a traditional school program.
    • I am liable for the cost of replacement or repair for willfully damaged or destroyed books and other school property issued to my child.
    • Unless otherwise indicated, a teacher or supervisor will meet with my child on a regular basis to direct and measure progress. The time and location of meetings will be determined by the teacher or the supervisor in consultation with the child.
    • I am expected to encourage my child to do more than the minimum study requirements and be involved in a Work Experience, community volunteer work, enrollment in concurrent programs, or a directed project.
    • I am expected to keep contact information current and to respond to notifications from school as appropriate.
    • I am expected to contact the school when situations arise that affect my child’s attendance or ability to work independently.
    • I have the right to appeal any decision about my child’s placement, school program or transfer according to the District’s procedures.