Hear Our Roar

  • Our Mission

    The mission of August School is to inspire in all students a love for learning and to help them engage in critical thinking. Together we celebrate cultural and social diversity. August staff partners with students, parents, and community to achieve educational success.


    Our Vision

    The August School community advocates for our students and their education as we prepare them to become succesful, life-long learners. Students work collaboratively and think critically to solve real world problems that include the use of 21st Century technology.  August Tigers value being responsible, organized, appreciative, and respectful.


    Our Pledge

    I pledge to be a Tiger of good character

    I will be worthy of trust

    I will be responsible, organized, appreciative, and respectful,

    Doing what I must.

    I will always act with fairness

    And show that I care.

    I will be a good citizen,

    And always do my share.

    I am capable of success, and I will make no exception, 

    I will daily follow my teachers,

    As they point me in the right direction.

    My ears will be alert to listen, 

    And my hands will be ready to act.

    I will be prepared for every subject, (or at any moment?)

    And ready to attack.

    My eyes will seek the right path,

    I will hunger for success.

    I won't let anything quench my thirst, 

    As I strive to be my best!

    My spirit is determined to finish each day strong,

    Remembering that I have the heart of a Tiger my whole life long. 

    Tiger Image