About the AVID Program

  • The purpose of AVID or Advancement Via Individual Determination is to restructure the teaching methods of an entire school to open access to the curricula that will ensure four-year college eligibility to almost all students.  

    AVID's mission is to ensure that ALL students, and most especially the least served students who are in the middle: 

    • will succeed in a rigorous curriculum,
    • will complete a college preparatory path,
    • will enter mainstream activities of the school,
    • will increase their enrollment in four-year colleges, and 
    • will become educated and responsible participants and leaders in a democratic society.


    AVID's systemic approach is designed to support students and educators as they increase schoolwide/districtwide learning and performance.

    At August, AVID strategies are taught by:  

    It is our goal to infuse the components of AVID throughout more classrooms and all grade levels by 2018.