Principal, Ms. Cappalla, Tiger Leader 1

  • Proud to be an August Tiger!


    Friends of August School,

    It is a pleasure to be the Principal at August School. We have an amazing staff, students, parents, and members of the community that make our school one of the best in Stockton Unified. Together we work as a team to provide a positive learning environment for students to succeed. 

    We offer a convenient curbside drop off in front of Gate 2 starting at 8:05 in the morning for breakfast. Mrs. Miyai, our counselors and I are excited to greet students in the morning as they enter campus.

    If you wish to speak to your child's teacher, please set up a convenient time to meet outside of student instruction time. Parents are an important component of the education of children. Be sure to sign up for the DOJO app with your child's teacher(s) as this is the easiest way to communicate back and forth.

    Hear our Tiger ROAR at August School! Our sign in the front is full of August information. Friday morning announcements are our time to celebrate and announce upcoming events. Parents and friends are welcome to come join us in our parent section. Students are recognized for academics, good behavior, attendance, etc.. Let us know if we can do a special shout out. 

    Always remember to ROAR: Be Responsible, Organized, Appreciative, and Respectful!



    Robyn Cappalla, Principal

    August School

    (209) 933-7160