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    Why do we have to do these digital portfolios and Docs things anyway?

    That is a good question. Actually, there are two reasons. First, we are the Edward C. Merlo Institute of Environmental Technology! That means we should be doing things in an environmentally appropriate way. When we used to use traditional paper portfolios, we went through tens of thousands of sheets of paper. All that paper had to first be purchased and then printed, both of which we had to pay for. Then, at some point, they were all thrown away. (We paid for that too!) By using a digital portfolio we are saving lots of money, and not sending things to the landfill!

    Secondly, as a school, we need to prepare students for the world as it is and as it is going to be, not as it was. When the teachers at Merlo were in high school, it was important for them to keep their papers in a neat binder because that is the way the world was paper-based. Today it is important for students to learn to manage electronic files. That is the way the world is now!

    I am new here. How do I get started?

    First, you need to get your account set up. To do that you need to see Mrs. Alexis, our High School Secretary, in the front office. She will get your account set up and get you a password. Once you have that you will need to start using Docs and Sites. Most students at Merlo become experts at this very quickly, so there are many people you can ask for help.

    I forgot my password, what do I do?

    Go see our secretary, Mrs. Alexis Villa in the front office for assistance. 

    When I log in, I am told I have to change my password. Why? I like my password!

    It is important that students learn to take security seriously. A normal security routine requires that individuals change their passwords on a regular basis. This prevents people from getting into your account and doing bad things.

    I want to use my birthday as my password. Why can't I do that?

    Many people know your birthday. That makes it a bad password. Your password needs to be something you will always remember, but others cannot figure out. A good password contains letters, numbers, and symbols. Like you do in your Facebook profiles. Good passwords are things like your Grandmother's dog's name, the name of the kid you had a crush on in 1st grade, or the name of your first sports team. All of these should be spelled out with letters, numbers, and symbols.