The United States Academic Decathlon (USAD) is an association of state programs dedicated to recognizing and rewarding academic achievement and excellence in high school students. Academic Decathlon mirrors the Olympic decathlon event where athletes compete against one another in ten track and field events.  However, rather than testing physical prowess, academic decathletes test their scholastic abilities as they compete against students from other schools to demonstrate excellence in ten categories: art, economics, essay writing, interview, language and literature, mathematics, music, science, speech, and Super Quiz (Social Science). USAD competitions span local, state, and national levels. Team and individual winners earn gold, silver, and bronze medals to recognize their accomplishments. Moreover, in addition to the educational opportunities and intellectual experiences gained through participation, many competitors earn substantial scholarships and support for their future college endeavors.   



    In preparation for the competition events, SECA students have begun their study of the ten scholastic areas through the subject of RUSSIA!!!!. They have completed reading Dr. Zhivago by Boris Pasternak and are delving into Russian art and music.  SECA students will also be studying math, economics, and social studies and practicing their interview, essay-writing, and speech skills. Super Quiz will concentrate on multiple subjects this year including science, math, language and literature and YES social studies.

    To support our academic decathletes, the SECA team will be participating in the Sacramento County AcaDec Lecture series in Sacramento State.  Our team will also have the chance to go head-to-head against other school teams in the SJCOE Scrimmage.  These events offer many levels of insight into both the content and the competition so that SECA students can be as prepared as possible to do their best.

    If you walk into SECA’s AcaDec class, you will hear music, see art, experience the explosion of knowledge derived from multiple subject areas, and feel the excitement of shared learning.








    AcaDec Lecture




    SJ County Scrimmage




    AcaDec Bootcamp (please note: this is the last week of Winter Break)


    Competition for Starters



    Competition for Starters and...more


    2015 Acadec Team

    Congratulations to the 2015 Academic Decathlon team, Ms. Kelly, and Mrs. Bear for a job well done!  

    • Super Quiz: Division I- 3rd Place
    • Class Level- 3rd Place
    • Top Overall Team Division I- 3rd Place
    • Super Quiz: Division II- 1st Place
    • Top Overall Team Division II- 1st Place

    Here are our top individual performers:

    Art (DI) Emerald Frank Scholastic- 2nd Place
    Art (DI) Kansas Seung Scholastic- 3rd Place
    Art (DI) Angelica Chavez Varsity- 2nd Place
    Art (DI) Alexandria Gilligan Varsity- 2nd Place
    Art (DII) Casey Kwok Varsity: 1st place
    Art (DII) Marcel Rodriguez Varsity: 1st Place
    Economics (DI) Andrew Yan  Scholastic: 1st place
    Economics (DI) Emerald Frank Scholastic: 3rd place
    Economics (DI) Alexandria Gilligan Varsity: 1st place
    Economics (DII) Robert Torrefranca Varsity: 1st place
    Literature (DI) Daniela Caluza Honors: 3rd place
    Literature (DI) Kansas Seung Scholastic: 3rd place
    Literature (DI) Java Villano Honors: 2nd Place
    Math (DI) Java Villano Honors: 3rd place
    Math (DI) Emerald Frank Scholastic: 1st place
    Math (DI) Kansas Seung Scholastic: 3rd place
    Math (DI) Andrew Yan  Scholastic: 3rd place
    Math (DII) Robert Torrefranca Varsity: 1st place
    Music (DII) Luis Garibay Varsity: 1st Place
    Science (DI) Kansas Seung Scholastic: 1st place
    Science (DI) Andrew Yan  Scholastic: 2nd Place
    Science (DII) Robert Torrefranca Varsity: 1st Place
    Social Science (DI) Emerald Frank Scholastic: 1st place
    Interview (DII) Robert Torrefranca Varsity: 1st Place
    Essay (DI) Daniela Caluza Honors: 1st Place
    Essay (DI) Java Villano Honors: 2nd Place
    Essay (DI) Kansas Seung Scholastic: 1st Place
    Speech (DI) Emerald Frank Scholastic: 2nd Place
    Speech (DI) Alexandria Gilligan Varsity: 3rd Place
    Top Overall Students (DI) Emerald Frank Scholastic: 1st Place
    Top Overall Students (DI) Kansas Seung Scholastic: 3rd Place
    Top Overall Students (DI) Alexandria Gilligan Varsity: 3rd Place
    Top Overall Students (DII) Robert Torrefranca Varsity: 1st Place




    Congratulations to Class of 2014 Seniors Thuy Tran and Eldwin Li. These two students received $5,000 scholarship from the University of Pacific (every year for 4 years!!) as part of their participation in the San Joaquin County Academic Decathlon Competition! Great job guys!"