Parent Groups

  • General Information about Parent Groups

    PTOs, PTAs, and Parent Boosters:
    PTOs, PTAs, and Parent Boosters are parent groups started by parents and run by parents. When a PTO, PTA, or Parent Booster Club falls apart, parents must regroup and bring it back together again. The above websites are excellent in assisting with these endeavors. Successful parent groups use good proven resources, plan well, have goals and objectives, work in harmony with the school and align with the school's goals and objectives, create and use agendas for meetings, keep good records, practice good financial management, and recruit more parent involvement. We encourage parents to become parent volunteers and welcome the opportunity to work as partners with parents.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    1.     Does taft have a PTO or PTA? Taft currently has a PTA.  If you would like to join, come to the office and ask to join.  We have monthly PTA meetings.

    2.     Would the Taft School Principal support us?  Absolutely!  Taft School Principal, Jana Brooks, started the original PTA at Rio Calaveras School as the Assistant Principal.  When appointed Principal of Taft, she noted there was a need for a parent organization and started the PTA at Taft!  This has always been a strength for Mrs. Brooks as she passionately believes in parent participation and involvement for the betterment of any school. 

    3.     How do I start a parent group?  How do I get more involved?  How do I get in touch with the principal?  Call the Taft Office and ask for a meeting with Principal Jana Brooks.  State what you would like to discuss so she can have the information you desire ready when you get there.