About the Step Up Program

  • The STEP-UP After-School Program at Taft School works in partnership with SUSD and the Stockton YMCA Staff to provide our students with academics and fun activities to assist with a positive after-school environment for student success!

    The program starts immediately after-school at 1:40 p.m.  Students enter the cafeteria where the roll is taken and snacks are given.  Students enrolled in the program must stay until at least 4:55 p.m. every day in order to continue eligibility to remain in the program. 

    The adult listed with the After-School Program on the enrollment form must check the student out of the cafeteria with the program staff.

    Students who "walk home" must have a form on file with parent and principal signature.

    Students who violate the rules in the after-school program may be subject to removal from the program.

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