Parent Volunteers

  • All Parents and Parent Volunteers MUST sign in at the office and get a visitor's badge.

    All Parent Volunteers MUST be cleared by Stockton Unified School District.  Clearance consists of producing evidence of TB clearance, and fingerprint clearance through SUSD Police Department.

    All Parent Volunteers MUST fill out the SUSD Board Approved volunteer form on file in the office.  Once the volunteer form is filled out, the principal will approve all volunteer requests.

    Parents on campus will have a positive purpose and are welcome as partners for the betterment of education for their children and all children at Taft.  Parents will not "hang around" campus without a clear purpose.  Parents or community members who are not acting for the betterment of the school, or are causing a distraction that is a detriment to the school, the students, or any staff members, will be asked to leave.