Food and Drink

  • Food and Drink

    • The cafeteria provides meals/snacks before school, during lunch and after school.
    • Food deliveries to students by any business are NOT ALLOWED.
    • If a parent wishes to drop off food for their child, they must bring it to the office and the student will pick up their lunch at their designated lunch time.
    • We ask all parents to complete the Food Service application that is sent home each. These forms impact school funding.
    • Students may not eat food in the classrooms unless authorized by the teacher.
    • Students may not eat food or drink on the playground unless at one of the picnic tables and it is authorized by the teacher, or yard supervisor.
    • Water fountains are available for use.
    • State law prohibits students from taking school food items out of the cafeteria at breakfast and lunch, and prohibits non-students (parents, younger siblings, etc.) from eating school food or drink items, even if they are left over from the student’s meal.
    • Please remind your child that sharing food and drink with classmates is a health risk and is not permitted. For this reason, please send only snack-sized bags or baggies of chips, cookies, etc. with your child.
    • We encourage students to drink water throughout the day. There are water fountains available outside and in some of our classrooms. Your child is permitted to bring a water bottle to school for use in the classroom. Only plain water is permitted to be consumed in class. Any other drinks sent from home must be consumed in the cafeteria at lunch time only. Soda and sugary drinks are discouraged. Caffeinated energy drinks (e.g. Red Bull) are not permitted.


    Healthy Snack Guidelines

    Students may eat their snacks during morning recess, but must sit at a table or bench.

    Appropriate Snack Options:

    •    Fruit:  bananas, apples, oranges, and grapes
    •    Nuts / Cheese / Raisins / Trail mix / ½ sandwich
    •    Graham crackers / Snack bars:  granola, cereal, energy
    •    V8 / Bottled water

    Unacceptable Snack Items:

    • Soda / PowerAde    / Gatorade / Water Supplements 
    • Large bags of any type of chips     
    • Candy/ Sunflower Seeds / Gum / Beef jerky