• Adult Basic Education
  • Adult Basic Education Reading is offered for those studendts scoring below 230 on the CASAS Reading assessment. Once a student achieves a 230 or higher on their CASAS Reading, they will enroll in the Adult Secondary Education program, either for a high school diploma or a high school equivalency exam.

    Students with a personal interest in improving their basic reading skills may, also, be enrolled in the ABE Reading course.

    This course provides instruction to learners with a demonstrated need to improve their ability to read and write words, sentences and paragraphs at a level necessary for entrance into the Adult Secondary Education program.

ABE Reading Teacher, Daryl Ford
  • Upon completion of the ABE Reading course, students will be able to:

    • Review rules and grammar necessary to read and write comprehensively.
    • increase their core vocabulary.
    • Build literal comprehension and fluency skills.
    • Practice reading paragraphs and excerpts from content and high-frequency situational texts                   
    • Use critical thinking skills to understand, analyze, and respond to ideas expressed in reading, either orally or in writing.
    • Summarize reading passages, using a short-answer or single paragraph format.
    • Learn and practice dictionary skills


    To gain these academic goals we employ these kinds of instructional strategies:

    • Web-based Resources/Curriculum
    • Written Study Materials
    • Individualized and Small Group Instruction
    • Discussions
    • Peer Tutoring


    Students will be evaluated using online and other practice assessments. A "completion" will be earned when a student scores 230 or above on the CASAS Reading assessment.

    Students who are progressing but have not completed the course objectives may repeat or remained enrolled in the course.