• High School Diploma, CTE


    Kenneth S. Churchill, M.S.

    Head Counselor

    Ken Churchill
    email:  kchurchill@stocktonusd.net

    Mr. Churchill is the Head of our Counseling Department and also provides academic and personal counseling services to students enrolled in our High School Diploma and Career Technical Education programs.

    Academic counseling services include:  transcript evaluation, advising regarding the sequence of courses most appropriate to the student's ability and goals, acquainting students with course requirements for graduation/program completion, furnishing information regarding alternate forms of high school completion (GED/HiSET), and assistance in developing a realistic post-secondary plan. 

    Personal counseling sessions are provided to help students overcome issues impeding achievement or success.  The counseling process helps students identify problems, causes, alternatives, and possible consequences so they can make healthy decisions and take appropriate actions.  Counseling is goal-focused and short-term in nature.

    Counseling services may also include community referrals to assist with barriers such as transportation, childcare, mental health, healthcare, housing, and supplementary instructional services.

    ESL Counseling, Spanish GED


    Imelda N. Donato, MA

    Imelda Donato

    email: idonato@stocktonusd.net

    Ms. Donato is our ESL and Spanish GED counselor.  She provides academic, career and personal counseling services to students enrolled in our English as a Second Language and Spanish GED programs.  Ms. Donato assists with ESL level assessment and evaluations for placement into appropriate classes, ESL level transfers and program completions.  She also assists students in developing a transitional plan into postsecondary education, college/career and or immigrant integration and linkage to community resources.




    GED, College & Career Guidance


    Cuong Nguyen, M.S.

    Cuong Nguyen email: cuongnguyen@stocktonusd.net

    Mr. Nguyen is our Transition Specialist/GED Counselor.  He provides academic, personal, and primarily, college and career development counseling services to all Stockton School for Adults’ students.  He also assists students enrolled in the GED program.  

     Career Development counseling services include: career assessment using the Xello platform, job search assistance, formulation of career pathways, resume writing, cover letter, mock interview, and choosing the most suitable career opportunities.  In addition, Mr. Nguyen provides community referrals for students through a partnership with WorkNet on citizens re-entering the workforce.

     College counseling services include: college application assistance, FAFSA and CADA application help, Delta College application, and choosing the appropriate major of study in college.