• Positive Thoughts & Affirmations

    1.  I am good enough.

    2. I get better every single day.

    3. I am an amazing person.

    4. All of my problems have solutions.

    5. Today I am a leader.

    6. I forgive myself for all of my mistakes.

    7. I am perfect just the way I am.

    8. My mistakes help me learn and grow.

    9. I can control my own happiness.

    10. I have people who love and respect me.

    11. I believe in my goals and dreams.

    12. Today I choose to think positive.

    13. I can get through anything.

    14. I have courage and confidence. 

    15. I deserve to be happy.

    16. I can make a difference.

    17. Good things are going to come to me.

    18. My positive thoughts create positive feelings.

    19. Today I will walk through my fears.

    20. Everyday is a fresh start.

    21. If I fall, I will get back up again.

    22. I can do anything. 

    23. I matter.

    24. I am open and ready to learn.

    25. I deserve to be loved.