Mrs. Martinez



    As Hong Kingston/Valenzuela’s instructional leader, my main objective is to create a climate where students, staff, and families feel part of our school community.  This community atmosphere will allow positive relationships to develop and help nurture student success.

    Our instructional program reflects high expectations for all students and focuses on mastery of the standards. Our rigorous and challenging curriculum ensures that students become literate, self-directed and interactive learners.  All instructional practices are well planned and include interactive activities appropriate to help increase students’ developmental levels and support the achievement of every student.

    In order to support this open sense of community and to foster education at its best, we must be a place of safety and security for every student.

    Students must take responsibility for their choices, and teachers must feel they are supported in holding their students to high standards. Our Student/Parent handbook outlines our expectations for student behavior as well as relevant information on all aspects of our site. I thank you in advance for your support and positive involvement.


    Mrs. Martinez