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    Work Permits 


    You need a JOB and a Work Permit to start working, but you will need to get an application filled out first. Applications for work permits (Green Form B1-1) are available from the Work Experience Coordinator at each school site during the School Year. All current Work Permits (Blue Form B1-4) expire one week after the following school year begins. 


    To obtain a Work Permit, you need to do the following… 

    • Secure employment (get a JOB). 
    • Fill out  application (available in the main office). Work Permit Application
    • Meet the requirements for obtaining a Work Permit. 


    Requirements for obtaining a Work Permit… 

    • Have and maintain a GPA of 2.0 or above (NO F’s). 
    • Good attendance in all classes. 
    • No behavioral or disciplinary issues. 


    We offer an elective class (Work Experience) to 11th & 12th graders.  

    • Fill out a Training Agreement (available in the main office). 
    • Bring in your most recent pay stub to verify your hours. 
    • Open Enrollment during the first month of each semester. 


    Schedule for California Minimum Wage Rate 2019-2023 



    Minimum Wage for Employers with 25 employees or less 

    Minimum Wage for Employers with 26 employees or more 

    January 1, 2022 



    January 1, 2023 




    Want to earn credits while working? Apply For Work Experience!

    Work Experience: 

    • Open Enrollment for Work Experience happens during the first month of each new semester.
    • Eligible students must already have a legal job.
    • Students must maintain employment for the entire semester, even if you turn 18.
    • Fill out a Work Experience Packet - Please see Mr. Calder's to obtain a packet.
      • Request Form B1-1, Training Agreement, WEE Contract, and Work Past 10 PM form.
    • Work Experience goes on your schedule as a 9th period elective (10 credits per Semester). 
    • Work longer hours on school days (up to 8 hours any day of the week).
    • Check in weekly, and complete weekly assignments.
    • Turn in your pay stub every time you get paid.
      • You need to work at least 180 hours during the semester to receive  10 credits.


    Mr. Trevor Calder

    Work Experience Coordinator

    Edward C. Merlo High School

    Main Office

    Phone: 209-933-7190 Ext. 4719

    @ Merlo Wednesday