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    Work Permits 


    You need a JOB and a Work Permit to start working, but you will need to get an application filled out first. Applications for work permits (Green Form B1-1) are available from the Work Experience Coordinator at each school site during the School Year. All current Work Permits (Blue Form B1-4) expire one week after the following school year begins. 


    To obtain a Work Permit, you need to do the following… 

    • Secure employment (get a JOB). 
    • Fill out  application (available in the main office). Work Permit Application
    • Meet the requirements for obtaining a Work Permit. 


    Requirements for obtaining a Work Permit… 

    • Have and maintain a GPA of 2.0 or above (NO F’s). 
    • Good attendance in all classes. 
    • No behavioral or disciplinary issues. 


    We offer an elective class (Work Experience) to 11th & 12th graders.  

    • Fill out a Training Agreement (available in the main office). 
    • Bring in your most recent pay stub to verify your hours. 
    • Open Enrollment during the first month of each semester. 


    California Minimum Wage Rate As Of January 2023 : $15.50


    Want to earn credits while working? Apply For Work Experience!

    Work Experience: 

    • Open Enrollment for Work Experience happens during the first month of each new semester.
    • Eligible students must already have a legal job.
    • Students must maintain employment for the entire semester, even if you turn 18.
    • Fill out a Work Experience Packet - Please see Mr. Calder's to obtain a packet.
      • Request Form B1-1, Training Agreement, WEE Contract, and Work Past 10 PM form.
    • Work Experience goes on your schedule as a 9th period elective (10 credits per Semester). 
    • Work longer hours on school days (up to 8 hours any day of the week).
    • Check in weekly, and complete weekly assignments.
    • Turn in your pay stub every time you get paid.
      • You need to work at least 180 hours during the semester to receive  10 credits.


    Mr. Trevor Calder

    Work Experience Coordinator

    Edward C. Merlo High School

    Main Office

    Phone: 209-933-7190 Ext. 4719


    @ Merlo Wednesday