About the Teacher

  • Kelly Prisock




    Period Prisock Time
    Period 0 Office Hours 7:40 – 8:30
    Period 1 ELD 7 8:30 – 9:20
    Period 2 ELA 7-1 9:25 – 10:03
    Period 3 SS 7-1 10:08 – 10:46
    LUNCH Lunch 10:46 – 11:24
    Period 4 Prep 11:24 – 12:03
    Period 5 ELA 7-1 12:08 – 12:46
    Period 6 ELA 7-2 12:51 – 1:30
    Office Hours Office Hours 1:30 – 1:55




    Welcome Back Van Buren Students and Parents

    Hello, my name is Mrs. Prisock and I teach ELA, Social Studies and ELD at Van Buren for 7th Grade. I look forward to working with you creating opportunities for both growth and achievement during this distance learning experience. I am excited to get to know my new students and parents. 


    I know that this year is different than any year we have ever experienced. This year we will face some interesting learning opportunities and challenges specific to each student. My job is to make sure that each student has everything they need to excel and be challenged to reach their highest levels of achievement in my classroom. Please reach out to me through email or call/text me if you have any concerns or questions, or just feel unsure of what is expected of the students.


    Participation: SUSD Curriculum Department 

    We will be conducting this distance learning just as if we were in the standard classroom room. Daily participation will be documented, and may include, but is not limited to, evidence of participation in online activities, completion of regular assignments, completion of assessments, and contacts between district staff and families/students. 


    Parents /Google Classroom: SUSD Distance Learning Guidebook 

    Parents, please share an email address with the teacher to be invited.  Once you accept the invitation, they can decide to get a daily or weekly summary of your student’s activity. 


    Distance Learning Expectations and Behaviors:

    • Create a space and dedicated time for learning. If you cannot attend class during live lessons please send an email.
    • Make sure your camera is on and your microphone is on mute.
    • Wear attire acceptable for school while participating in Zoom Classes.
    • Create balance by taking opportunities to work offline and upload tasks.
    • Sign in to the classrooms daily- keep connected.
    • Demonstrate learning with completion of assignments and submit for grading.
    • Engage with the classroom and use tools (like headphones) to focus on instructional videos, etc. 
    • Communicate with your teacher if you need help or have questions and examine feedback.
    • Follow the Student Code of Conduct set by Stockton Unified School District
    • Demonstrate online learning etiquette.
    • Collaborate with peers using respectful language and behaviors.
    • Use equipment as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy.  
    • Support and respect each other in this new way of learning.

    I look forward to working with all of you and exploring the 7th-grade curriculum. If you have any questions about class activities, student work, participation, attendance, or just saying hello please feel free to email me at Kprisock@stocktonusd.net  or call me during office hours, or text after hours to  209-425-3645