About the Teacher

  • Angela Rugani


  • It's a small world after all  . . .

    My name is Angela Rugani. I have been teaching at Commodore Stockton Skills School since 2004. I feel so fortunate to be a teacher at Commodore Stockton Skills School, as I was once a student of Commodore Stockton Skills School. The foundational academic skills that I was taught at Commodore Stockton Skills School has led me to great success in life. It wasn't easy, but with perseverance and dedication, from my parents, my teachers, and myself we found a way to help me reach my full potential. We need to foster relationships among us as teachers, students, and parents to help the students reach their fullest potential. my schooling all centered around Stockton, a product of A.A. Stagg High School, and then over to San Joaquin Delta College, for my Bachelor of Arts and credential I was off to CSU Stanislaus, splitting my time between the Stockton campus and Turlock.  It was just my luck that a position was available at Commodore Stockton Skills School that led me full circle. It has been such a privilege to serve in the community that served me. I hope that my contributions will help to inspire and encourage more to help in our community. 

    A little bit about myself, outside of school . . . 

    I am married to Mr. Rugani, since 2006. We have two lovely children, Giorgio and Lucia.