About Chris Bates


    Hi!  My name is Chris Bates and I have been teaching since the 2010-2011 school year.  Born and raised here in Stockton, it has been a privilege to give back to my community through education.  I believe that all students can learn math and that by learning math, students are provided with one of the best opportunities to reach new levels and new heights.  I want my students to understand as much as they can.  Questions are always encouraged, and I am happy to engage with students and parents frequently.


    While I am here at Commodore now, I have taught at IBML (now known as PLA) and at Weber Institute here in Stockton.  Teaching subjects that my 7th/8th grade students will eventually take gives me a unique perspective and helps guide my methods of teaching in such a way that leads into the classes they will be taking.  I also have the privilege of teaching Summer School Algebra at PLA yearly and usually have some of my 8th graders earn credits before their Freshman year.


    Working at Commodore has been a huge blessing, since we have the absolute best students around.  It's even more special for me as a former Commodore student.  I had the privilege of attending Commodore as a 7th grader in 1999 and my math teacher Mr. Nelson helped form my love for math and my desire to become a teacher.  I look forward to working with each of my students and their families and hope you will be able to join my class soon :D