Biology/ AP Biology

    This course emphasizes a laboratory approach to the study of living things. Students demonstrate an understanding of biodiversity, cell theory, biochemistry, comparative anatomy and physiology, heredity, evolution, and ecology. 



    In this laboratory course, students demonstrate an increased understanding of the atomic model of matter through the use of algorithmic thinking when solving chemical problems. Laboratory experiences and the careful manipulation of laboratory equipment assist students in the collection of quantitative data for the problem-solving process.



    This laboratory-oriented course covers the development of physical laws and how it applies to the science of everyday life. Through laboratory experiences, lectures and discussions, and demonstrations, students explore the mechanics, optics, waves, electricity, atomic structure, and transformations of matter and energy. This laboratory-oriented course requires students to solve problems, often with mathematical operations.


    AP Environmental Science

    This course is designed to provide students with scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies necessary to comprehend humans relationship with the natural world, identify and analyze environmental issues and evaluating theories that examine alternative solutions to resolving and preventing problems faced by the global community.