Visual and Peforming Arts Specialty Program

  • The Fremont-Lopez Visual and Performing Arts Magnet (VAPA) Program offers a variety of opportunities for students in the performing arts disciplines of music, drama, and dance, as well as visual arts. Students enrolled in the magnet program receive weekly instruction in music and art, both as a discipline and as an integrated with the core curriculum. In addition, Fremont offers the opportunity for keyboard/piano instruction and drama to all grade levels. Our primary magnet students have participated in musicals with opportunities for larger acting and singing roles in the intermediate and upper grades. Students interested in pursuing college or a career in any of the Visual and Performing Arts are able to learn about the VAPA disciplines and refine their skills at Fremont as they head toward high school. The Cesar Chavez Visual and Performing Arts program offers a continuation of many of the programs begun at Fremont. Our VAPA program enriches the lives of its students while preparing and equipping them to meet the academic challenges ahead.