About the Teacher

  • Llea Humphries

    Visual Arts SpecialistArts Team LeadYearbook TeacherPTSA President

    Dear Student and Parents,

    Welcome! If your child has been scheduled for Art or Yearbook, I am your child’s teacher.  I am an artist/educator at Fremont Elementary for over 8 years. I have a BA in Art from San Jose State University, a single subject credential in Visual Arts from Holy Names University, a Masters of Education in Urban Education with a focus on mural education/curriculum from HNU, and a Certified Integrated Learning Specialist from the Alameda County Office of Education. 

    (Distance Learning will be adapted and students will get supplies from the school to use to complete lessons or simple items you may have available for you at home. Please contact me if you have any questions or need additional resources.)

    In Art Class, students will learn about many aspects of visual art; from art history to aesthetics, criticism, and art production. Students will be drawing, painting, printmaking, digital art, 3D arts, and more. Students will be using different mediums (materials) and learning design principles while completing individual projects. Many of these projects will allow them to explore their own likes and interests within an artwork. It is my hope that the students will develop an appreciation for visual art and its importance in our daily lives. 

    In Yearbook Class students will learn about creating a school yearbook. Our district uses an online platform called Pixiami. Students will learn how to use this software. That includes learning design skills, editing, planning, taking photos, and partnering with different classes on our campus to create a final edition for our school. 

    All projects and work will be graded according to craftsmanship, creativity, and effort. Students’ grades will also come from daily assignments, quizzes, and participation. If a student doesn’t complete an assignment; this would greatly affect their grade and if it continues a parent will be contacted.