Principal Krystal Taylor

  • Brittony Billingslea

  •  Each school year we focus on continuous improvement to maintain a safe and student-centered environment so that ALL students can be successful. My job as principal is to ensure that the instructional and social-emotional program is designed to meet the needs of every student. To that end, we want to communicate effectively with families, so a weekly newsletter will be provided to highlight important information. This, like many other flyers and announcements will be placed in a “Friday Folder” taken home by your student. Please send the folder back to school with your student every Monday. We also want to teach every student the importance of organization by providing students with a binder for academic resources and student work. Each Friday, thirty minutes is dedicated for students to organize their materials which we call Home Base. This way, all students start the next week with all necessary materials to learn at high levels. Lastly, this school year we are focusing on increasing literacy proficiency and one goal is for every student to read at home and list the title of the book on a reading log. Reading logs are provided monthly; please sign the log so that your child can receive an award for meeting the reading challenge. We want every student to say with confidence “I am a reader!”.


    It is an interest of mine to establish a collaborative connection with you and I invite you to contact the school so that staff and families can work in partnership to provide excellent learning opportunities for each of our students.  I am fortunate and honored to serve the Pulliam community!



    Brittony Billingslea, Principal

    Pulliam Elementary

    (209) 933-7265