San Joaquin Elementary

    Counseling Department


    Counseling Vision 

    San Joaquin Elementary School Counseling Department will empower all students to reach their maximum potential by using a comprehensive school counseling program that addresses academic, personal/social responsibility, and academic excellence. We believe that all students can succeed through the collabrative efforts of school,home,and community leading to responsible and productive citizens in the 21st century. 


    Counseling Mission 

    San Joaquin Elementary School Counseling program collaborates with staff, parents, and  community memebers to create a supportive, safe, and caring atmosphere for our students. Our focus on student success through academic achievement, personal/social, career and multicultural awareness helps prepare students to become effective learners, achieve success in school, and develope into contributing members of society.Through strategic and timely interventions, we customize educational experiences to enhance capabilites, close achievement gaps, and support positive choices.


    What do Counselors Do?


    Counselor  Help

    Counseling Services:

    Individual Counseling: Assistance provided to some students  who may need help to overcome social and /or personal problems that interfere with learning. 

    Group Counseling: A support group for students who share the same concern ranging from personal development, emotional growth, and communication. 

    Classroom Guidance: Assistance provided to all students to succeed and interact with peers. These lessons are taught in the classroom once a month or as needed by instructor. 

     The SAP Process: As school counselors, we advocate for students through the Students Assistance Program (SAP). SAP is a school- based approach to provide focused services to students needing interventions and programs that address academic performance attitude and attendance. The SAP process brings together schools, communities, parents and students in a working partnership in order to provide early identification and referral services for students. As a process, SAP identifies challenging students ,assess students needs and provide them with support and referral to appropriate resources. The overarching goal of SAP is to remove barriers to education so that a student may achieve academically.

      The SAP process is a Tiered System of support:     


        Tier 1: Universal classroom intervention & structures                            

        Tier 2: Selective intervention & Care Team 

        Tier 3: Targeted Interventions & SST