Mrs. O'Neill

Dara & Jenn

    Currently, more of our students have joined our AVID Elective classes, Shark and PLUS Leadership groups. PLUS meets periodically to address peer issues such as bullying, adolescent stressors, and other school topics that arise. AVID is a multifaceted program that prepares students for college and/or a future career. Please assist our students as they begin to explore the different college options in our country, and aboard, as well as strive for obtaining an amazing career.  We are happy to announce the start of the Circle of Friends.  This program allows our Special  & General Education students to make new friends.  

    Our REMS Plan, or Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools, has been updated for the 2018-19 school year.  My intent is to increase the intensity of a safety drill so that the students become more aware of different, possible scenarios, thus practicing as many emergencies as possible. Furthermore, for parents, my hope is that you become more informed about safety procedures. I'd like for you to have the opportunity to practice a Parent Reunification integrated within one of our final drills. 

    For further information pertaining to our school's program, do not hesitate to contact me,

    Mrs. Jennifer O'NeillPirate Shark