Mr. Voyer, Assistant Principal

  • Nathan Voyer has been an assistant principal in Stockton Unified School District for six years. This is Mr. Voyer’s fourth year as an assistant principal at Victory Elementary School.  He was previously employed as a 6th-grade teacher for 7 years, an intervention teacher, an ELA Instructional Coach, and has taught at the San Joaquin County Office of Education teachers’ credentialing program.  Even when Mr. Voyer was in high school and college, he worked part-time in a school cafeteria, was a Campus Safety Monitor, a Student Service Assistant in a 3rd-grade class, and a teacher in an after-school program.  

    Mr. Voyer loves working with students and families to make sure they get what they need.  Every day Mr. Voyer lives out the Victory Viking mission, "Every Student, Every Day, Whatever It Takes!" and works hard to make sure every student is successful.

    Mr. Voyer enjoys playing basketball, boating, swimming, kayaking, golf, and softball! He also is a San Francisco 49er’s football fan, loves country music, and enjoys attending music concerts.

    Mr. Voyer loves challenging himself. He has completed close to 30 Spartan obstacle races, since 2015, some ranging from 5 miles all the way up to 18 miles!  He has traveled to Washington, and even to New York to compete!

       Mr. Voyer absolutely loves working as an assistant principal at Victory Elementary School and loves helping students and staff to set goals, work hard towards them, and achieving them!

    "There is no mountain, figurative or literal, that you can't overcome with grit, mental toughness, and hard work" - Mr. Voyer

    Mr. Voyer