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    2022-2023 Kennedy PLUS Team



    Advisors: Celeste Figueroa, Maiya Lee-Morrison, Robert Love

    8th graders: Sydney, Alexa, Savannah, Usman, Haleema, Kayde, Aretha, Harmoni, Lenia, Lakiyah, Alana, Kayley, Emily, Shah

    7th graders: Bryan, Jaylen, Donyell, Precious, Destiny, Guadalupe, Sammey, Anas, Brenna, Semajae, Na'ima, Alize, Mira, Don Anthony, Alondra, Eva, Karla, Yaritza



     PLUS is a youth-facilitated program that utilizes social leadership qualities to connect all students on a campus. A diverse cross-section of student leaders facilitates a series of activities that create communication, connections, care, and community amongst the student body. Utilizing best practice strategies, the PLUS Team student leaders serve as the liaison between the student body and the adults on campus. SUSD has been implementing the PLUS Program to further their efforts to build a safe school environment for all students since Winter 2012.

What is a PLUS Leader?

  • PLUS Leaders help to establish an environment on each campus where a safe and supportive school is a reality for all students. Leaders use a variety of methods, which are designed to break down the walls of segregation between groups on campus, foster positive relations for the entire student body and create activities that have been shown to build connections and meaningful participation for students.

    Stockton Unified has 1000 PLUS student leaders in 6th-12th grades at 46 school sites. Each school site has PLUS advisor(s) to support the student leaders and help plan student activities

    We have been focusing on cross-age mentoring, school climate, and building peer helping relationships at each school site. We have made gains with our school climates and have goals to continue improving student engagement.

    For more information on PLUS please visit our SUSD page SUSD PLUS or contact Celeste Figueroa or Emily Herrera Kennedy PLUS advisors.

    209-933-7225 ext 5311

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    Apply to be a PLUS leader (incoming 7th and 8th graders)

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