• Our Elmwood School Site Council is required because we receive State and Federal Program funds. The Elmwood SSC is a committee made up of parents and staff which is numerically balanced, representing the school community. Parents and staff are selected and voted by their constituents. The Elmwood SSC must be broad-based to represent the diverse stakeholders in our community. Elmwood's SSC has decision-making authority for the school plan for student achievement, school safety plan, the aligned budget and programs in such plan, and develops the mission and goals for the improvement of our school community. The council members share the common goal of success for all students. Guests are always welcomed to attend our meetings. 

    Upcoming SSC meeting dates for the 2024-2025 school year will be posted.

    We look forward to serving our school community,

    Nancy Mendoza, Maria Robledo, Apolinar Alvarez, Elizabeth Perez, Arlene Valencia, Jahon Miles, Jennifer McDonald, Karen Gleason, Lisa Ostrom and Dara Dalmau