• Parent Information

    • Elmwood Elementary School recognizes that parents and the community play an important role in the success and education of their students. We desire to establish partnerships with community businesses and organizations to increase parent participation and offer several opportunities and programs to encourage parent involvement, including:

      • Parent/Teacher Conferences
      • English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)
      • Parent Coffee Hour/ Trainings & Workshops
      • Parent Resource Room
      • School Site Council (SSC)

      Elmwood Elementary School believes that the parents and guardians can support the learning environment of the school and their students by:

      • Monitoring student attendance
      • Monitoring completion of student homework
      • Monitoring and regulating television viewing
      • Participating in the decision-making process in school organizations and committees
      • Planning and participating in activities at home that support classroom learning
      • Volunteering 

      Parents and community members who wish to become a part of the school community and participate should call the school’s office at (209) 933-7180 and speak to our Parent Liaison, Aracely Vargas