General Information

  • Here at Victory we are excited to welcome back our Victory students and families.  

    Information for Families:

    Arrival in the Morning:

    • Drop-off will be between 8:40- 9:10
    • Kinder-8th grade enter the main parking lot gate

    Pick-up in the Afternoon:

    • Kinder-1st will release at 3:25 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, and 2:10 Thur at the Kindergarten gate
    • 2nd-8th grade will dismiss at the main parking lot gate
    • Families that have siblings in just the primary grades will dismiss at the Kindergarten gate
    • Families that have siblings with an intermediate sibling will be matched and released out of the 2nd-8th main gate


    • Students may bring backpacks to school
    • We ask students wear their lanyard (purple or white) each day.  Once they get in their classroom they may take it off
    • Students should bring a clear water bottled, labeled with their name on it each day