• Distance Learning Information

    Welcome to our virtual classroom to start the new year!

    To start the year we will be having distant learning lessons.

    Attendance will be taken each day! I need to have it put into the system by 9:00 am. We want you to be here. You need to be here. Your attendance is for the full school day.

    Grade Three will have 3 hours and 50 minutes of instruction each day. Some will be live video direct instruction from me using Google Meet.

    There will be direct instruction of Reading, Math, and Writing using Google Meet, on the Google Classroom page. It is a gray colored tab. It is called 2021 Per 1 Hong Kingston Grade 3 Henry, Thomas. They are already loaded onto this class, so they should be able to get right in.

    There will also be independent work for students to complete for Reading, Math, Writing, Social Studies, and Science. A daily lesson will be put on the Google Classroom.

    There will be opportunities for group help during the day from me as well. I will be having a time for office hour after the learning time is finished. The extra help will be as a google meet where we can discuss and figure out educational challenges from the day.

    I expect that students will put forth the best effort that they can do during the school day.

    I will do my best to help you with your distance learning during this time.

    I am also available on class dojo for contact.