• How to Access Google 

     We will be using Google Classroom and Google Meets daily.Please follow these steps:


    1. From the SUSD website, click on the circle on the top right that says "Students"

    2.Click on the "Quicklinks K-8" or click on this link here http://k8links.stocktonusd.net/

    3. From the Quicklinks page, click on the Google Classroom link  GC  and login (see directions below).

    ***Shortcut      go to google.com and press the blue "Sign in" box in the right corner. Follow steps below to sign in.



    To login to Google/Google Classroom, follow these steps:

         username is the student's SUSD number. It usually starts with 29XXXXX 

        ***If you are logging into Google on a non-SUSD computer, you will need to type @stocktonusd.org after the          29XXXXX. Here is an  example     29XXXXX@stocktonusd.org

         password is the student's birthday in this format YYYYMMDD  (year, month, date)


    Once you are logged into Google Classroom, complete the daily check-in (only once a day) on the "Stream" page. Then read any announcements on the "Stream"page. Last, go to "Classwork" to see any assigned work to be done.


    Your child will not be able to access Google Classroom, Benchmark Advance, i-Ready, or Studies Weekly unless they are signed into Google first.