The History of Elmwood Elementary

  • In 1853, John Sloan built the first Elmwood building at the south of Copperopolis road. This one-classroom Charity Dale school grew and received its first school bell and an elm tree was planted near the school. 

    The school experienced some rough times. It was closed for 8 years. When it finally reopened, the school name was changed to Elmwood, appropriately enough for the many elm trees planted at the school. 50 students of all ages and grades (K-8) now crowded in the little one-room building working together with only one teacher. 

    In 1920, a one-story, 2-classroom, California mission style school was built for $11,000. A new teacher was soon added. A movable partition separated the 2 rooms so that the rooms could be joined and used as an assembly hall. 

    Charity Dale School District was soon changed to Stockton City Unified. Elmwood students were starting to outgrow their small school. A newly remodeled Elmwood Grammar School would reopen again in 1949 at 840 S. Cardinal Avenue with 17 classrooms for grades K-3. The school was supposed to be finished earlier but WWII interfered with these plans. The old California mission style school was later demolished.

    Elmwood School in 1853, built byJohn Sloan on South Copperopolis road.   Old photo of a group of students sitting at thier desks.   

    The one-story, 2-classroom, California-mission-styled Elmwood school in 1920   The newly remodeled Elmwood Grammar School that reopened in 1949