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  • Be an UPSTANDER!   

    The SOLUTION to bullying is for everyone to

    stand up.

    1. Don’t take part in bullying.
     Don’t laugh at teasing
    Don’t laugh if someone is hurt
     Ignore the bully, don’t give them attention

    2. Offer support – be an ALLY to
    someone being bullied.
    Make a distraction or change the subject
     Ask the person being targeted to join you and
    walk away to another activity
     Offer to help in another way

    3. Take action against bullying.
    Report the bullying to an adult if someone is
    being hurt


  • Standing Up For Yourself

              What To Do 

    Keep calm and be slow to take offense.
    Ignore the bully’s behavior when possible.
    Calmly and confidently tell the bully to stop.

    Use humor.

    Change the subject or make a distraction.
    Pretend to agree with the bully and “own it”
    to take the power imbalance away.
    “I guess so.” “That’s your opinion.”
    Walk away and leave the situation.
    If it continues, report to an adult.

    What Not To Do
    Don’t cry or act hurt in front of the bully.
    Don’t lose your temper.
    Don’t call the bully names.
    Don’t threaten or fight with the bully.
    Don’t make it worse.

    Don’t get others to gang up on the bully.