• 1) The free Parent Social Media Safety Webinar has helped thousands of parents of kids age 8-18. It teaches parents about the 9 most dangerous apps (and how to spot when their students have a second/fake Instagram account). All this in less than 30 minutes. A great resource with parents who might want a quick way to get up to speed.

    2) The free 
    Educator Digital Safety Webinar let parents see and support how digital citizenship is promoted at your school. This webinar will give you a three step plan to get kids online safely, 7 top networks that are good for students, When student should become public on social media, 6 types of posts that can limit a student’s future and a whole lot more. Learn more here.

    Latest digital safety blog posts: 
    What is Tumblr? Parent and Teacher Guide (Video)
    Due to Tumblr’s popularity, we’ve updated this Parent App Guide to continue to help parents keep students safe. Learn why Tumblr is so popular with teens, important teen Tumblr statistics, why Tumblr is in our Red Zone, and what to do if your child has an account.

    Dialog Advice for Parents of Middle School Students
    Three education experts share their best dialog advice for parents with middle school aged children heading back to school. Learn how to set healthy expectations for your child, how to connect with your child’s teachers, top misconceptions parents have about middle school, and more.

    How to Create College Admissions Videos from ZeeMee
    We sat down with Ethan Lin, Head of Education at ZeeMee, to talk about how students can create college admissions videos. Learn why it’s important to create videos to add to student online portfolios, how students can start making videos, what colleges are looking for in student videos, and more.

    3 Learning Tips with Technology and Social Media
    When used thoughtfully, social media and the internet can be used by students to boost productivity and learning. So, we asked 3 experts to share their best tips for learning with technology. Learn how students can access micro lessons online, how students can improve their reading efficiency, and more.

    The Sarahah App Is Dangerous for Students
    Sarahah is a popular new app and website that allows users to send and receive anonymous messages. Learn how Sarahah works, why the app is a breeding ground for bullying, why the app is so dangerous for students, and what you can do if your child has a Sarahah account.

    5 Ways to Build a Positive Social Media Portfolio with GoEnnounce
    We sat down with Melissa Davis, CEO of GoEnnounce, to talk about how students can build a positive social media portfolio. Learn how schools can empower students to create positive online footprints, how to teach students what to post about online, and more.


    6 Ways to Build a Positive Online Resume
    For students in high school, it can be difficult to start creating a resume for college or future employment opportunities. So, we asked to experts to share their best tips for creating a positive online resume. Learn what colleges are looking for, why a plain resume isn’t enough, and more.

    Do You Know How Online Posts Affect Your Future?
    As parents and educators, it’s important that we teach students from an early age that their online posts can affect their future. Learn how students can clean up their social media, how employers are using social to learn more about job candidates, what students should avoid, and more.

    4 Ways to Teach Your Kids Financial Literacy with Adam Carroll
    We spoke with Adam Carroll, Professional Speaker, Author, Documentary Film Maker, and Podcast Host, to talk about tactics for teaching kids financial literacy from an early age. Learn the common misconceptions parents have about teaching their kids finances, how to encourage your kids to start managing their money, and more.

    Growing Up Digital: Parent Tips for You and Your Kid
    We sat down with Maryellen P. Mullin, to talk about raising kids in the digital age and she shared her top 5 parent tips to keep kids safe and smart. Learn how to develop healthy screen time habits as a family, how to earn your child’s trust, and more.

    Building Your College Admission Resume This Summer
    We asked 4 admissions experts to share their best advice for middle and high school students who want to start building their college admission resume this summer. Learn how to start keeping track of activities and events that can boost your resume, personal attributes highlight, and what to avoid.

    What Is the MyLOL Dating App?
    MyLOL is a website and mobile app that markets itself as a place for teens 13-19 years old to make friends. Learn why MyLOL is in our red zone, how easy it is for predators to target victims, what to do if your student has an account, and more.